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Just another day at ESP

What is a normal day at ESP like, you wonder?

Our Instagrammer has captured a full day and summarized from her perspective. Do you know who she is? As you can see, the atmosphere can change within a couple of hours, just as the weather changes between seasons. From very formal exams, demanding students to informal meetings between lecturers and staff, all in an international environment...that is ESP, especially for you!

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What our Instagrammer saysInstagrammer Francesca - espamsterdam

"I love the international environment at ESP! I first experienced it as a student and now I am standing on the other side of the classroom teaching the next generation of physio's. Managing the Instagram account allows me to share these great shots and stories...We have also made a collage below from ESP students' posts with hashtag #espamsterdam, because that is the true inside look ;-)"