Tuesday afternoon, 4 pm. Loud music echoing through the halls of the European School of Physiotherapy. You hear people shouting and motivating each other. The closer you get, the more you can smell the odor of hardworking and sweaty students and lecturers. You turn around the corner and there it is: C0.33 aka. the Skills LAB.!

Under the supervision of Jan-Jaap Voigt, who dedicately initiated the whole idea, a group of staff members and students used the summer period 2015 to unpack box after box, putting together squad racks, bench press benches, piling up weights and laying down the gym flooring.

And then, at the beginning of the semester, in August 2015 the ESP was able to open the ESPecially Skills Lab, which gives students and lecturer not only an excellent opportunity to work their own weights, but also to enhance their skills in constructing and instructing new exercises.We have asked a couple of students and lecturers: “What makes the Skills Lab so special?”



“It is the perfect opportunity for me to give my TRX courses here in school.”
– David Klaber (2nd year)

“We used it in preparation for our practical interventions exam”
– Abigael Read and Eliran Deutsch (1st year)

“The Skills LAB broadens the possibilities we as lecturers have to teach our students. We can use the new space to experiment with new equipment and students enhance their skills with all the exercise materials.”
– Francesca Bosello (lecturer)

“The skills lab is the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam after a long day at school.”
– Bastian Stocker (lecturer)

“The ESP is such an intensive program that I do not have time to join a gym. For this reason the skills lab is perfect to keep me fit besides all the work!”
– Daniel Shapiro (2nd year)