Finding good student housing can be very stressful for ESP students, especially for the ones that have just been accepted. We have asked one of our experienced students to share his advice with you! His name is Pierre and he will be giving you the true story.
I noticed some of you are experiencing the well-known troubles of the Amsterdam housing crisis, so I thought I’d try to help you out a little bit with some advice and links. I can only help those NOT using the DUWO student housing system as I never consulted that option when moving here, so I don’t know how it works. Pierre

ESP class of 2017

Please be aware of scammers as they are common in Amsterdam. Many of them offer places in the city center for very cheap but then claim that they are abroad at the moment. If you are determined to get a place on the private market, it really helps if you actually take the time to travel to Amsterdam and search in person. But in all cases, please use your common sense.

What’s your advice?

The first thing you need to know is that Amsterdam is very small and is hugely overpopulated, ergo, finding a place is never easy and the rent can be quite high, especially in the center.
The biggest problem, that I personally find, is that because there is so much competition, it is very hard to find a place available in the future, for example, looking for a place now that is only available in September. The vast majority of places you find are available for immediate move in. As a result, many people end up paying rent for 1 or 2 months while they are not living there yet. Some landlords let you sub-let for that period, but not always.
From my experience, a common method among students is to search among Amsterdam Housing facebook groups, I will post them below as well as other websites that I think are good.

What are the steps to take?

Before you start or continue your house search, here is my personal advice you may want to take into consideration:

  • Rent here for a room in an apartment or house can range from 300-1200. The closer you go to the city , the higher you are likely to pay. The school is well connected-(-ish) by metro and some buses, search “Holendrecht” metro stop, but public transport here is incredibly expensive and there are no discounts for students,unless you work part-time. But of course, being Amsterdam, many many students cycle to school.
  • Student areas include Diemen, Bijmer and Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Many ESP students live in these areas and its close to school. If you would like some info on other areas of Amsterdam just ask me
  • When negotiating a rental period, consider when your internship dates are. As I said before, some landlords will let you sub-let when you are away, but some won’t.
  • I think looking for a house together is a good idea, I did it for the first year, but it can be difficult and requires a lot of coordination. Always have a plan B.
Go with a 2 months deposit cash in hand and only talk to the landlord, not the agent. Pierre

ESP class of 2017

Pierre’s resources


Commercial Initiatives

  • Kamernet  Good website I think. Requires a small membership but I just found a place in the center via this website. Not everyone replies though…
  • Pararius  Very popular website. I found my house in my first year with this.
  • Student Hotel   Really great option in my opinion. Some of my friends stayed here and had super opinions about it. A bit higher than average rent but you get a lot in return and in good locations.
  • Hotel Jansen  Similar option to the one above. Looks pretty sweet in my opinion.
  • Housing Anywhere  Similar option to the one above. Looks pretty sweet in my opinion.

And Even More

  • Student Experience  Looks pretty good. Brand new and modern. ESP was negotiating with them about a deal for ESP students, you can use their Student Experience Alert App, or check directly availability on specific buildings
  • Blue Gray  Similar to the one above. I’m not sure if this is open yet or still in construction.
  • Expat Rentals  Never used this one
  • Huurexpert  Similar to Kamernet. Small membership required.
  • Nestpick  Interesting option if you want a place on the private market but are unable to travel to Amsterdam before September ! Similar to Airbnb, but more long-term. You need to have an open mind as you pay before arriving and you cannot visit the place before. I have used this, my bid got rejected but I think it could be useful if you want to be specific about your moving and moving out dates.
I really wanted this post to be a student-to-student message, so we are not discussing the official answer on housing but really give you the inside info you have been searching for!

OK, that’s what I have for now, message me if you have any more questions regarding this! Pierre

ESP class of 2017

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