The story of A UK physiotherapist in Auckland NZ

John is an experienced physiotherapist, graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK in 1999, and is working as a physiotherapist in Auckland, New Zealand and would like to share his story with you. What does it take to be a physiotherapist in NZ? At the end of the story, he shares some great tips on how to identify a tennis elbow.

Let’s start with the official part

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Did you know that the physiotherapy competencies (“thresholds”) are beautifully explained in their documents? The key competencies are not only clear, but also beautifully laid out in a clean document that is shared between the Aussies en the Kiwis… Click on the cover page to read their competency profile or directly go for their application instructions below!

The Story of John

My name is John and I own a physio clinic in Auckland, I am English and trained in the UK but am married to a New Zealander and saw bigger opportunities in physio in New Zealand. In part this is because any accident has physiotherapy funded within the private sector. This means there are a lot of physiotherapists here but also a lot of patients who want treatment.

The Physiotherapy system in NZ

This system means that most physios in New Zealand work in the private sector and as such find it difficult to take students.  Given this, I am grateful to have studied and been a student in the UK where the public sector allowed a lot of variety in student placements and help for junior staff.

To be a physiotherapist in NZ

If you wish to move to New Zealand to practice physio you need to register your undergraduate syllabus and get that approved.  This may require extra training if anything wasn’t talked within your course which is taught in NZ.  You then have to do a very short essay on how you appreciate native NZ (Maori) culture.

The Tennis Elbow and online Physiotherapy

Since owning a clinic I have had a growing interest in providing online services and this led me to create  This has information for clients but would be interesting to professionals too.
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Want to know more about physiotherapy in NZ? E-mail me at or read more about our work.