We are happy to announce that Francesca Bosello and Bastian Stocker are the two great additions to the ESP team of lecturers. After a nice list of applications, four applicants were selected for an interview in Amsterdam. After four very pleasant interviews, we were confident and asked Francesca and Bastian to (re)join the ESP. Both are ESP graduates (class 2014 and 2012 respectively). They will start teaching in semester 2 and Francesca has already started this week with a few projects.


Here’s what they say to introduce themselves

My name is Francesca

I started my physiotherapy study at ESP in 2011, took part to the accelerated program and got hired right after my graduation in a private practice here in Amsterdam. My background consists of several years of work as Pilates trainer and a BSc in Psychology obtained in Italy. Thanks to ESP I have done my internships in three different countries (namely Italy, Switzerland and The Netherlands), which made my perspectives much broader. Now I have the chance to face a new challenge inside ESP world: working as lecturer. The international, open minded and high quality standards required from this program are inspiring and make me excited about my work. Looking forward to participating actively and start giving back what I learned so far.

Goede dag samen,

Mijn naam is Bastian Stocker en ik kom uit Duitsland. Ik ben afgestudeerd aan de ESP in 2012. Maar omdat mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed doe ik de rest van mijn introductie in Engels. Since my graduation in Amsterdam I have continued my studies and completed a long-dsitance M.Sc. in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University in Glasgow, while living with my girlfriend in Leipzig, Germany.
For the past 2 years I have been working at an outpatient rehabilitation center focusing on orthopaedic clients. Besides the regular clients we are privileged to work with high-performance athletes of all ages and fields. I myself am in charge of a small satellite practice we have established at one of the largest highschools for young athletes, which I really enjoy.
In my free time I accompany the current under 19 German champions in handball as their team physiotherapist.
I am looking forward to join the ESP team and hope to see all of you in the near future.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask.
Best wishes,
Bastian Stocker