European School of Physiotherapy

European School of Physiotherapy
Tafelbergweg 51
1105 BD Amsterdam

PO Box 2557
1000 CN Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Contact officers:
Mrs. Marguerite Westenborg – Telephone +31621155069
Mrs. Mireille Bogaers – Telephone +31621155089

Student Information Office

With questions about administrative issues, you can contact the  Student Information Office.

Telephone: 31 20 595 1405 (work days 09:30 – 16:00 hrs)

How to get here by plane

If you fly to Schiphol Airport, you can decide to come to school via train, car or taxi. Please find further directions below.

How to get here by train

The nearest train station is Amsterdam Holendrecht. Trains run regularly from direction of Amsterdam or Utrecht. Train schedules can be found via

How to get here by metro

The nearest metro station is Amsterdam Holendrecht. Metro line 54 (from Amsterdam Central Station to Gein) and metro 50 (from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Gein) run regularly. Metro schedules can be found via

How to get here by car

You can connect your navigation to: Tafelbergweg 51, Amsterdam
You will arrive on the South side of our building if you follow the address above. Just follow the signs towards the free parking area of the AMC hospital, which is located right next to our building. You can recognize the building by the huge logo on top. You need to walk around the building to find the main entrance on the North side.

How to get here by foot or bike

If you arrive via train or metro, you need to walk (about 10 minutes) from the train/metro station Holendrecht to our building. Just walk South, follow the signs, cross the water little bridge and turn left towards the school and you will see the main entrance on the North side of the building.