The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) offers good and standard facilities for all their physiotherapy students. All this info is available on our official site, but wouldn’t it be nice to find out about what the ESP students and faculty use on a daily basis? We thought so, therefore we created a top-3 for facilities according to ESP faculty and staff and the students shared their secrets and most valuable tools which are listed below as top-3 resources!


Great practice, good for experience and easy to meet, especially for you! Find out more about our skills lab



Simply to get the best coffee to get through the hectic mornings, late afternoons and heavy workload! Find out about the student discounts at Brandstof coffee


Because we have the best (and sweetest) librarian of the whole world. Her name is Esther, you can find her online besides books and students, she loves flamingo’s as well! You can find her on Facebook!


As all student-to-student collaboration in projects, group work and discussion boards is done via Google Apps, a Gmail account is invaluable. Students are using Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail and Sites to manage their documents, share notes, make appointments with lecturers and update their professional portfolio…


Hidden from the ESP lecturers, the ESP students share an online repository to exchange lecturers notes, practical videos and old exams. This folder has become as valuable as anything else…


Being on Facebook 24/7, students use it for party invites (sometimes inspired by long lecture days), but also for last minute study advice and exam preparation. Some interesting posts are available upon request as most are published in closed Facebook groups