5 FAQ’s on selection day 

Typical ESP students have a lot if questions, so you do not have to worry if you have many questions! Our programme coordinator, Bas Moed, will answer the five most frequently asked questions related to the selection day. Please find the answers below!

3PDATE: This blog post was written in the pre-Corona era. For the 2022 selection day, the format will be same as the 2021 and 2022 edition, that is: all interviews online via Microsoft Teams and the exam online via TestVision and Proctorio. The content will still be the same so you can still enjoy and learn from this post! See you soon!

Bas Moed

Program Coordinator

 #1 What are my chances?

“If you are talented, motivated and know what physiotherapy and ESP entails, you stand a very good chance of getting into our programme. In numbers: the last few years, we had around 250 to 300 applicants per year directly after the application deadline. Last year, around 250 students completed all the necessary steps and documents and have been invited to the selection day. For class 2025 (scheduled to start in August 2022), we will select the top students out of the projected total of 300+ applicants in order to fill our first year (four groups, with around 20 students per group). Motivation and dedication are the most important characteristics of successful ESP students.”

Be honest and share your story. It is ok to say that you are not still 100% sure and you have questions for us too!

#2 Is it going to be a long day?

 “Well, the selection day is comparable to the ESP programme. It very intense, but quite short compared to other programmes 😉 Depending on the group colour assigned to you, the two components (two interviews of 8 minutes each and exam of 60 minutes) will be done within 3 or 4 hour window, so be prepared for some waiting time in between.”


#3 What questions will I get during the interviews?

“The interviews are done by two independent ESP lecturers that will interview you on several aspects that are relevant for prospective ESP students. The categories of questions are motivation, teamwork, communication and planning.”

ONLINE Selection Day

Pre-Corona, we already offered online interviews to accommodate non-EU students, but as of 2021, we offer online interviews via Microsoft Teams for all students. Most interview time slots are schedule on the actual selection “day”. To increase our capacity and to accommodate different timezones, we also offer a few interview time slots on other days, prior to the actual selection “day”. The written exam is offered at the same time (Amsterdam-time). A huge organization, yet very important to serve students from every part of the world! To make you all feel at “home”, we will have our student ambassadors available online as well for a quick chat or for some final advice before joining ESP!

#4 How can I prepare for the written exam?

“According to earlier interviews from other applicants, you should brush up your anatomy and physiology to understand the terminology. As the written exam is about three topics (Anatomy, Biomechanics and Physiology) that we provide a text with, you don’t need to have any pre-existing knowledge. The exam is constructed in such a way that you will be able to get the full score if you can quickly (there is time-pressure) read and understand a piece of text and answer multiple choice questions within the set 60 minutes. No sample exams or other preparation material is available for you, but for inspiration and advice, you can check our selection day video on Facebook. From the analysis of the last couple of year, we can do see that the students that have done well in the exam (and therefore also high in ranking), will perform well during ESP (compared to other students).”

“The written exam contains texts about three topics and the questions are about these texts, so you don’t need to have any pre-existing knowledge.

#5 What should I wear during the selection day?

“Some students have come to the interview in suit and tie, but we are just looking for professional appearance and personal hygiene. As a physio working with patients, you need to have the same appearance so that’s what we are looking for.” 

Try to talk to current students because they can just cheer you up and also share positive vibes.

What not to do?

“Don’t overdo it. It’s ok to be honest and explain your are not 100% sure about something. Also, remember that you can only leave a first impression once. Whether it’s a job interview, meeting your family-in-law for the first time or having an ESP interview online, be humble and professional…” 

Still need more answers?

“Be confident and tell us who you are. Your life experience is often already very inspiring for us to hear about. Scroll through other blog posts, especially the sneak preview post to find even more inside information! The last advice is from students (Tereza and Alice) for students and listed below”

  • Sleep well and come with some good energy.
  • Be yourself, try to be calm and not stress out, because the whole selection day is a really nice experience.
  • Try to talk to current students because they can just cheer you up and also share positive vibes.
  • Be yourself, do not try to compete with other participants but focus on yourself and show the best what’s inside you.
  • Be honest, share your story, why did you chose the school and it is ok to say that you are not still 100% sure.
  • If you are honest, natural and say the truth it makes you special anyway.
  • Don’t be afraid to be curious and ask about anything you don’t understand because it can save you many points or even prevent failing due to misunderstandings.

Student from Italy, Class 2019


Student from Czech Republic, Class 2020


Get a nice impression of the setup and content of our first semester. The sneak preview post will also give you advice on preparation for the written exam of the selection day!

It is always a pleasure to organize our selection day as we get to see many motivated applicants that all want to become world-class physios!

Bas Moed

Program Coordinator