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September 21, 2022, LIVE


If you are interested in the physio life of ESP alumni in Canada, this webinar is exactly what you need! Via this webinar we aim to have alumni share their experiences and strengthen the local network of ESP alumni in Canada! We will talk about the (CAPR) registration process, the system, the position of physiotherapy, cultural differences and also internship possibilities!


Afshin Shams Kopaei

Afshin graduated from ESP in 2018 before returning to Canada to begin his career as an internationally educated physiotherapist. He has special interests in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation which he is now applying as a physiotherapist in Markham, Ontario. He is happy to share his knowledge on the registration process in Canada, and his experiences as a new physiotherapist.

Pascal Bolla

Pascal graduated from ESP in 2012 before going back to school for a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University. He now owns a successful mobile physiotherapy service in British Columbia called Physio on Wheels. Pascal will be speaking about his journey as a physiotherapist after ESP, internships, and sharing his advice on being a physiotherapist in Canada.

You | European School of Physiotherapy

Carolyn Quaranto (Glatt)

Carolyn graduated from ESP in 2012, together with Pascal. After ESP she moved back to Canada to complete her Master’s at McMaster. In the last 10 years, she specialised in concussion management and is currently enjoying her life with family and her own practice: “Carolyn Glatt Physiotherapy”. Carolyn has always been a great ESP ambassador and featured in testimonials and the official ESP videos!


You | European School of Physiotherapy


Katie is currently in her second year at ESP and is our student ambassador for Canada and the host of this webinar!


20:00-22:00 (Amsterdam Time)

14:00-16:00 (TORONTO Time)

12:00-14:00 (VANCOUVER Time)


20:00 Welcome by Katie and Bas

20:20 Alumni talk by Afshin

20:45 Alumni talk by Pascal

21:10 Alumni talk by Carolyn

21:35 General Questions and Internships Discussion

22:00 Closing (and virtual drinks)


  • All students are invited to this webinar
  • All alumni are invited to come and listen, discuss and network with students, other alumni and other professionals regarding physiotherapy in Ireland.
  • ESP relatives and other guests, such as clinical instructors are more than welcome. Discussions between people from the field and answers to student questions are priceless!

Our Sponsor

These webinars are part of a relatively new concept! The organization is done by the European School of Physiotherapy Association (ESPA) which aim is to connect students, alumni, staff, faculty and other ESP relatives and organize events such as these. The ESPA is a financially independent and official association. Suggestions, connections and/or donations are very much appreciated.