Will you marry me…esp?

They graduated back in 2010 and have remained friends ever since. Yannick and Nina, both ESP alumni had their wedding this summer in Mallorca! The entire wedding photo above contains only ESP alumni. Some of these lovely people above took the “extended family” a little bit too seriously 😉 and are the happy parents of true ESP babies! Let’s hear from them how they are doing and what their love stories are all about

Carlos and Inga

Their story

Carlos and Inga (who have two kids already Mika and Enéas) are happily married in Freiburg and both very active in their jobs. Carlos is about to finish his doctorate in PT and completed his MSc in neuroscience and is currently teaching PTs about it too. Inga is working with children and Bobath.

Tobias and Nilo

Their story

Tobi and Nilo (who also have a kid: a boy called Tiam and live in Stockholm and a second one coming in June!) are both very active in their physio field. Nilo is half-way through her Masters (at Karolinska) and Tobi got his Masters in Sports Med and is currently in his PhD research “Rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy”.

Yannick and Nina

Their story

Nina has her own osteopathic clinic in Hamburg, working a lot with babies, and neck and TMJ. Yannick is enjoying his clinic Functional Med in Hamburg and working as one of 14 physios in the world for the professional male tennis tour ATP.

Throwback to 2010 and before

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The stories of the other wedding guests

Dominik and his story

After ESP, Dominik got his Master in Osteopathy in New Zealand is now an Osteopath in Cologne.


Ian and his story

Together with Yannick, Ian won the KNGF thesis award in 2010 with their Professional Assignment Project. After graduating with excellent results from ESP, he continues to do in his Master in Sport and Exercise Medicine and (that was apparently not enough) another Master, in Health Economics this time. Currently, Ian is happy in London!


Julian and his story

Julian and his girlfriend Anna just got parents with Marla and live in Freiburg and work in a physio clinic in Basel and does his Master in OMT in Krems.


Sebastian and his story

Sebastian loves traveling, studied at the University of Valencia and is now almost done with his medicine studies in Cologne.


This very close group of ESP friends from class 2010 is just not the only ESP generation that has set up long-term relationships. Clearly ESP also brings people together for life! What about Annalina and George (both class of 2017) and their ESP baby or Bram and Claire (both class of 2017) or Jerome (class of 2017) and Steffi (class of 2016). These are clearly showing their love on Facebook, but there’s many more ESP couples out there. Feel free to tag them to this post!

ESP love clearly expands generations and can be a very nice by-product of an intense program, right here in the romantic South-East part of lovely Amsterdam…