During the official part of our annual “Meet and Greet”, we were inspired by the different internship stories, shared by ESP students from different generations. From Nepal to Switzerland and from South Africa to Australia. Definitely one the best ways to see how dedicated ESP students are to become amazing physios. As part of the “Meet and Greet” event, we organized a photo contest that was all about making a picture with one or more people from another ESP generation and share this online with #espamsterdam. The winner was promised free tickets to our next ESProm! An independent jury, that consisted of an ESP alumnus and two ESP students nominated the following three pics based on their likes:

Feedback by the jury

The jury discussed extensively and shared arguments back of forth. Some lines taken from their feedback on several of the submitted pics:

“I meant who was portraying who by the outfit…[ ]…it’s not very clear in this pic who was portraying to be the mother, or grandmother or child so that’s why I thought the other pic was at least more clear who was the mother,  father and child 🙂 …[ ]…this pic was actually the funniest”

After some debate between the judges, the conclusion was there. “The one picture that included different ESP generations, received many likes, received comments and showed humor, is this one”, said the jury chair.

And the winner is…

The three students in the picture above will each get a free ticket for the ESProm ’17 and great memories! #espamsterdam