Patrick’s story behind the ESPlanet shirts

Our student Patrick is one of the many international, talented students in our program. Apart from his professional mission pass all courses at ESP to become an excellent physiotherapist, he has another mission, a global one! Together with his friends, we set up the ESPlanet initiative. Please read his inspirational letter to find out more!

ESPlanet - a short introduction

Our planet is dying. Our plants, our animals, and our ecosystems are being wiped out. All of this is happening quickly, much faster than most of us realise.
It is now time to change. It is time to change our attitude, our vision, our behaviours, our awareness. It needs to be done. Not just for us but for our family, for every person we love, for our future children and grandchildren. We owe them a planet full of wonders. As somebody once said “we didn’t inherit this planet from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children.”

I believe that as ESP students there’s a lot that we can do. Even in small actions. As cultured and educated youth, we are already doing our best in recycling, in using less water, making little changes in our diets, and implementing more responsible behaviours towards the environment. And that’s a great start. However, I believe that if we join forces, we could make a difference on a greater scale. We can inspire one another by sharing ideas and initiatives. We can brainstorm ways to make an impact through our careers.
Together we can explore ways to help others, and ESPecially our planet.

Patrick B.

Early April this year, Patrick approached us with his idea to create an awareness campaign for the environment. He wanted to know whether we would support the idea. Our answer was “of course, just let us know how we can help you!”. A few weeks and a few sketches later, Patrick came up with his ESPlanet design and soon after that we published his design in our webshop to see whether people would like and buy it. Soon after the Facebook, Instagram and other social media posts, it became clear that his idea and design were found very popular! His friends shared his image, joined the project and are now starring in this post too!


You can add Patrick’s ESPlanet design to any t-shirt or item from our webshop! Simply click, adjust and buy to donate to his campaign!

Philip about ESPlanet

“Patrick is a very good friend of mine and I really support his idea! Above everything, his energy is contagious, so I really believe that he can make a difference by encouraging others to do the same!”


From every ESPlanet shirt that we sell through our webshop, we donate all profit to Patrick’s fundraiser campaign. Directly after the publication of the first ESPlanet short on social media, the design became the most popular and best-selling design of the year!

Future physio ideas to save the planet

If you like Patrick’s idea and want to contribute, please send him your support, buy his design or post one of your own #esplanet initiatives that can change the world in small steps at a time. A good physio is creative, so please you tell us…

  • Can you create functional exercises for patients with musculoskeletal problems that include picking garbage from the street?
  • How can you use solar, wind or patient generated power (e.g. from stationay bike) to save electricity in your practice?
  • Could you do more exercise outside, instead od inside to save lighting and heating costs (and get some fresh air)
  • Can you get rid of disposables and simply wash after use to prevent plastic and disposables from reaching the ocean?
  • How can you further promote lifestyle and make people cycle more than drive cars, which better for them and environment?


“I am speechless. All the positive reactions I received really give a huge boost and motivation to continue with the project!”