ESP is preparing the official “International Corner” as a safe place for study and social activities for all international and international-minded Dutch students!

One of the advices of the NVAO after the “Small and Intensive Education” accreditation was to create a special space for the ESP students. After a lot of thinking, negotiating and politics, a new area was created and named “International Corner” because it is supposed to be a space for ESP students, Dutch student and other people to meet, relax and integrate! The competition right now is simple:

The best ideas will actually get the 1000 euros to make it happen!

Submit your ideas by commenting on this Facebook post

How the idea started?

After the NVAO accreditation, a plan was made, a sketch was drawn and the budget was negotiated. Reconstruction work was done in the summer of 2015 and currently we are ready for the next step. In the future it should be the location for many international activities and mini-conferences, but before we can officially open the International Corner and celebrate we need student ideas and input, hence the competition. ESP students are know for creativity and good ideas so let’s see!

Submit your ideas for materials and activities and convince us that your ideas is worth 1000 euros! The best ideas will actually get the 1000 to make it happen!

What do we need?

All ideas are accepted as the International Corner is meant to be a neutral, friendly place where all cultures and languages are tolerated but obviously with English as the universal language. So maybe you would like to buy some fish and a huge fish tank for some international flavour or you would rather buy some fresh fish and organize a Japanese lunch full of sushi! What do you need you in between classes? Let us know and maybe your ideas will become reality!!

We have created a photo album of all the photos taken in the International Corner so far. Use it for inspiration to come with ideas to improve this area!

Check Photo Album for inspiration