Nice to meet you: ESP class 2020

57 excited students from 25 different countries just started their career at the European School of Physiotherapy. Through photos and quotes, we have captured their first week, day-by-day.


Well prepared and very excited. That is the first impression of this new generation of ESP students, a new generation of world-class physios. That is their shared dream. After a short intro by Bas on the week and some technical advice (where would you be without Wifi?), the three “leaders” and their friends took the green, blue, yellow and red groups into Amsterdam for a treasure hunt. The end of the day was our traditional dinner at Humprey’s Restaurant.


For some students, the Monday evening ended late, yet all of them were back at school Tuesday morning to – again – meet their mentors and tell more about themselves. Personal contact is our key value, so a lot of time is invested in building close relationships and welcome them into the extended family.

After the students had the chance to meet their mentor and our sweet librarian, Esther, they could join the bunq bank sign up, the lovely girls, Johanna and Valentina helped the students as part of our cooperation with bunq, students were able to open a bank account with just their phone and ID card. Did you miss it? You can still sign up for a bank account via their bunq sign up page.


Amsterdam started the morning with some rain, typically Dutch, but luckily many of our online resources are not affected by this. Class 2020 was introduced to our blended learning environment and content of the curriculum. Bas, our program coordinator reviewed the different semesters and clinical internships that are mandatory but also the extra-curricular activities such as our community week, the ESProm in October and our famous snow week.

To recover from all information presented, all students were more than happy to work out with Bulgarian bags, test their flexibility at the Twister game, check their manual skills at the ping pong table and understand their communication style in the group games. In the previous years, the sports day was sunny, yet with always one injury. This time, no sun, no injuries, yet the same amount of fun!



In the morning, the students just needed to attend, while in the afternoon they had to present. The first clinical internship advice was given by coordinator Miriam and ESP alumni David and Jason explained the opportunities at FysioHolland for ESP students. The students presented themselves via some Italian gestures, Greek dancing and a rocking Skin dance from Cameroon.


The very first patient was scheduled for Friday morning, so that’s always the ultimate test. If you survive also this stressful event, you are fit to become an excellent ESP student and graduate in three years from now. After some gym instructions and another set of inspiring student presentations, the day ended. The week ended. At least, the official program was over. The teaching staff went home, while pancakes in the middle of Amsterdam was the last destination for many students. ..

Good luck and thank you class 2020

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