To study physiotherapy at ESP in Amsterdam you need a survival guide, so let’s start with a guide to survive the open day

As the ESP offers an intense programme in only three years, you need to have huge motivation, a desire to learn, excellent preparation and all tips and tricks from the book in order to survive. THIS OPEN DAY is no exception as it gives you a lot of very important information in a very short timespan. These three tips will give a real advantage over people that can not join the open day…

Where to be?

Be prepared by checking directions until you get to the famous Nicolaes Tulp Building where the ESP signs and ESP students are waiting for you!

Get directions

What to ask?

Ask anything you want, especially the questions that are not answered on our official site or this blog, such as:

Where do I get the best coffee?

ESP students are always fully prepared and know exactly what they want and what they want to know. You did not get the chance to come to Amsterdam and you consider joining, check the official now here on our official site

What should I wear on the first day at school

Official site

What to know?

Make sure that the current ESP students show you the secret places that ESP students use for study, social activities and sports. The ESP lecturers will share their version of the truth but obviously there are many things that remain unknown to the ESP faculty and staff, so make sure to get tips and tricks from experienced students…