How will your ESP diploma be recognized?

Do you know what the physiotherapy registration procedure entails regarding the specific country you wish to practice in after graduation? According to a questionnaire conducted amongst ESP students in September 2012, 67.3% of these students do not.

Physiotherapy has been in the top 7 of the most mobile professions within Europe since 1997, and is the most mobile profession in the Netherlands itself (European Commission. 2012). Be above gives us good reason to provide ESP’s program manager Jesse Aarden with a database on professional recognition of physiotherapy abroad. This database comes in the form of an easy-to-use and intuitive website, which is part of our Professional Assignment Project (PAP) and contains the information all ESP students and alumni may need to make the registration procedure in their home country or the country they aspire to work in easier. 

Within 2 clicks, the diploma accreditation information can be found for a given country. This includes the competent authority that can get your diploma recognized, the documents required, exam or adaptation/learning phase necessary, etc. Interesting migration statistics can be found, which will emphasize the relevance of this information for the physiotherapy profession. Furthermore, you can find background information about the ESP, the website’s origin and diploma accreditation. Even our Project Plan and full Thesis can be downloaded to give you an example of how this can be done! General references are also provided to help interested students with their own search.

The International Office is in charge of the maintenance of our website International PT Requirements”. You are encouraged to contact them with any information, comments or suggestions that may help them continue to provide you with the most useful and up-to-date information.

Feel free to browse through our website anytime, anywhere, as our site automatically adjusts to mobile phones. After typing: “Google sites international PT requirements”, you can find our website in Google’s top search results!