ESPA Summer Event

JUNE 10, 2022

Buy your ticket now! The first edition of our ESPA Summer Event is about to happen! Click the button to make your reservation!

  • Unlimited drinks between 19:00 and 21:00 hrs
  • Party Games
  • The entire boat is exclusively reserved for ESP students and lecturers!

Hanneke's Boot


7pm - 12am


Last minute ticket for €22.50


Hannekes Boot is an ESP classic venue, with a great vibe. We booked the entire boat, just for us! Check out the website for an impression!


A few tickets are still available! By your last minute ticket now!


The dress code is whatever casually fits with the summer, and is comfortable enough to play some games, but feel free to get creative…

Counting down the days…








the small print

  1. Tickets can be sold to ESP students, or faculty only
  2. One reservation can be a maximum of four tickets, one main booker and three guests
  3. All guests within the same reservation number must enter the venue at the same time
  4. The event is organized by the European School of Physiotherapy Association
  5. Refund of the ticket costs is not possible until after May 27, 2022
  6. In case the number of tickets sold by May 27, 2022 is below the required minimum of 100, as agreed with the venue, the event will be canceled. Ticket fees will be reimbursed to the main booker. Other possible costs, such as travel or accommodation will not be reimbursed