Have you ever dreamt of a clinical internship in physiotherapy on a tropical island? Have you always wanted to treat shoulder injuries of pro-surfers, or practice your relaxation techniques in a sunbed? Here’s our top-3 of tropical internship destinations:

#1 Port of Spain – Trinidad and Tobago

In our recent history, 6 students were accepted to go and practice at this beautiful place. Even one of our current lecturers gained a lot of experience in this exotic and colourful destination. There have been internships in a few interesting practices with a great variety of patients!


#2 Victoria – Seychelles

ESP is very popular among students from Seychelles, and vice versa for internships and ESP students. This archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean has already offered an exotic learning experience to three of our (former) students. Will you be number 4?


#3 Kerikeri – New Zealand

Kerikeri is definitely the most remote destination for a clinical internship for an ESP student! In this amazing background of many blockbuster movies, physiotherapy is practiced at a high level.


ESPlacements Map

In case you are trying to find your internship of your dreams, you can check the map below. It shows all placements of the last decade, so  you can find any hospital, rehab center or other practice.