Two new gems of a physio!

As we continue to expand our program in quality and directions, we are very happy with two new additions to the team! Please meet Morena and Alexandra, two gems of a physio! Both of them are talented physios and have already shown to be great team members too! On top of enjoying physiotherapy, they have more in common. Curious? Read their stories below!


“I am really happy that we found them! With their contribution to the team, we have a perfect balance between male and female colleagues. We believe that this is very important as our classroom also shows a similar mix of students”

– Marleen Koolen, ESP Team Coordinator

Hi there!

My name is Alexandra. In 2010 I graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors’s degree in Exercise Science. My interest in injury rehabilitation was sparked by my hobby of ballroom dancing and my exercise science background. Being a competitive ballroom dancer sustaining injuries and constantly striving for improved performance awakened my interest in sports physical therapy, In 2011 I started my physical therapy journey and in 2014 I graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
Inspired by my orthopedic and manual therapy professors, I decided to continue growing as a clinician and educator. I was accepted to a Manual Therapy Fellowship Program in 2017, which allowed me to pursue my passion for orthopedic manual physical therapy. At the same time I was accepted to the Doctor of Science program at Andrews University to pursue my passion for teaching. To develop my teaching skills I started teacher assisting at a physical therapy program in NY in several courses such as anatomy, complex patient care, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Two years later, I became an adjunct professor teaching Biomechanics and Kinesiology. My passion for movement science and manual therapy drives me to continue growing as a clinician and an educator. I hope to share my passion with the students and inspire them to find their own driving force in physical therapy.


“It was quite funny to realize that both Morena and Alexandra have such a passion for running and could both easily coach our students that are preperaring for the Amsterdam Marathon!

– Bas Moed, ESP Program Coordinator

Running and running analysis

During her time at ESP, Morena joined our “Marathon Project” and realized that she has great talent for endurance sports. She completed her first marathon back in 2018 and in the years after that she ran a lot more and also competed in several triathlons! Meanwhile, back in the United States, Alexandra was growing her Youtube channel with many videos related to biomechanics, and quite a few on the biomechanics of running. Below you can find of one her videos and if you are interested in more, you can check out her complete Youtube channel!

Hi there!

My name is Morena Stevens, in 2016 I started my study in physiotherapy at ESP. I really enjoyed the international character of ESP, with students from all over the world and the possibility to do internships in different countries to broaden my view. During my study I have done internships in Nepal, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Canada. After graduating from ESP I continued my studies at the VU with the master Human Movement Science and with a teachers education. At the VU I discovered that I really liked to help other people with understanding the material better and to do this in an interesting and fun way.
The past few years I have worked in Amsterdam as a physical therapist in a private practice with mostly orthopedic patients and in a rehabilitation center with chronic pain patients.
The last few years my interests in sport and performance have grown, because of my own experience as a triathlon athlete. The commitment, perseverance, and determination of athletes makes in my opinion sport a beautiful area to work in, and where I want to focus more on.
I look forward to work in the ESP team and share my knowledge and experiences with you.


Photo credits: © Tim Buitenhuis

Courses @ ESP

Morena will be teaching Assessment, Interventions, Clinimetrics and Concepts in Clinical Reasoning, so almost everything in the first year! Besides these ESP courses, she will also be teaching a few classes in the new minor “International Minor of Sports Physical Therapy (IMSPT)” and Anatomy in the Dutch physiotherapy program.
Alexandra will be teaching Applied Anatomy together Morena, but also Biomechanics, Interventions, Clinimetrics, and Case Study. They have prepared themselves very well, and are looking forward to this academic year!