We are very sad to announce that one of our dear ESP students, Ruan Crighton, was on the flight that crashed in Nepal earlier this week. We are all in shock because of this devastating news.

Ruan was about to finish his second internship, which would have made him exactly half-way through his career at the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP). In the months between his start at ESP and today, he already had a great impact on his fellow students, his patients, ESP staff and even alumni, as he was a true ESP ambassador in the broadest sense. While his academic performance alone was already outstanding, he stood out with his polite and warm personality, his calm voice and big heart. As a student and prospective physiotherapist, he brought the grace of a world-class ballet dancer, everywhere he went. This combination of dedication, hard work and empathy for each individual classmate, friend and patient was very special to see. We wish his girlfriend, family and friends all the strength to deal with this big loss. Ruan would have been an excellent physiotherapist, but he already was a great and warm-hearted man.

Ruan, we will miss you, but we will never forget you!

Please reach out to us via esp@hva.nl if you would like to talk!

Warm regards, team ESP




January 20, 2023