Sneak Preview into Semester 1

We would like to offer all of you a sneak preview into our physiotherapy program by offering you some really special insights into semester 1 and its courses! Whether you are just interested in ESP or already signed up and want to get ready for the selection day, this post will reveal the true content of our first semester! We will start with a list of courses and some highlights within each line. Some special info on the summer course that will offer from June onwards and finally, the truth about the selection day! Make sure to read until the end of the post to get a clear idea on the selection day and how (not) to prepare! If you can’t wait – and don’t want to read the whole post now – just jump straight to Bastian’s sneak preview Anatomy lecture


Bas Moed

Program Coordinator

In the first semester, we offer you the following courses, categorized into four different lines
The theoretical courses fall within the Basics line while the Skills courses are mainly practical courses. The Professional courses are about your study and academic career and finally, the Clinical Reasoning courses is where you should be able to integrate all of the above into a good clinical reasoning process from paper case to real patients!


  • Anatomy 1
  • Biomechanics 1
  • Evidence Based Practice 1
  • Pathology 1
  • Physiology 1
  • Psychology 1


Highlighting Anatomy

For many students, the first semester (and the summer preceding it) is about Anatomy. How is the body constructed? What are the names of all the muscles, from origin to insertion? Besides the mandatory literature, many students enjoy the 3D animations that are created by Visible Body. Check this amazing tool for yourself!


  • Applied Anatomy 1
  • Clinimetrics 1
  • Physiotherapy Assessment 1
  • Physiotherapy Interventions 1


Highlighting Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Assessment is one of the core subjects through the first two years of ESP. In this first semester, students are introduced to the book of Magee, also know as the bible and practice many different tests that are specific to patients with musculoskeletal problems. Last years, our former students, Kai Sigel and Andreas Heck created many video tutorials on this topic and are still broadcasting from their channel called Physiotutors. Check one of their videos below for a nice impression!

Clinical Reasoning

  • Case Study 1
  • Clinical Sessions 1
  • Concepts in Clinical Reasoning 1


Highlight, connect and solve

With the knowledge obtained from all Basics courses and the skills obtained from the Skills courses, the students need to combine all these into sound reasoning for real patients with real issues. To structure their thoughts, they are introduced to the famous Rehabilitation Problem Solving (RPS) form which you can find below. It is built according to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) by the World Health Organization (WHO). Do you already know which variable goes where?

Introduction Week

The official start of semester 1 is one of our best-kept traditions: the ESP introduction week! After a long application process it’s finally time to meet everyone in person, right here in Amsterdam! Last year’s intro week was a great success. Check out our post and make sure to not miss out on yours!

Enjoy your summer?

Once you have been selected for ESP, you may want to take a nice summer of rest on the beach as three busy years are ahead of you. Well, while that does sound like a great idea, we think it’s better to already prepare for ESP to get a kick-start. For this reason, we are offering a free online summer course for all ESP students of class 2024 that have been selected! The online course has a small part about ESP, to get to know us and our methods, but is mainly focussing on the first Anatomy course of semester 1. This brilliant summer course is run by our Anatomy lecturer – and former ESP student – Bastian Stocker. If you want to find out more about the other courses of semester 1, check the course descriptions in our catalog

Get selected!

If you are serious about your ESP application you are probably wondering a couple of things:

  • What should I study?
  • How can I prepare?

Well, the selection day is not meant to test or examine prior knowledge. Although a relevant prior education might help, it’s mainly about your overall cognitive level, examined by a multiple choice exam, and your motivation and study related attitude as examined during two interviews with ESP lecturers. The 5 most FAQs are answered in our post below

Get started!

The selection day exam consists of three different paragraphs of text, one related to Anatomy, one related by Biomechanics/Mathematics and another one related to Physiology. As said before, the test is not about prior knowledge as you are expected to answer multiple choice questions based on the text provided. If you need to brush up some basic knowledge from high school, fee free. To give you a true sneak peak into the content of the selection day exam, the summer course and Anatomy 1, Bastian has created a special video tutorial just for you!